Not a diver? That’s okay we also offer snorkeling trips to the beach. Its only a short ride to our private island with a nice sandy beach nesteled deep with in the islands cove. It has sponge coral reefs on both sides which makes for excellent snorkeling. Fun the whole family can enjoy.

Purpose of a Snorkel: A snorkel lets you breathe with your face in the water, and to breathe more easily when waves are splashing about, without wasting air from your scuba tank. It’s especially useful when your cylinder is nearly empty and you have a long wait or swim to the boat or shore.

Also known as : schnorkel


Required features

Comfortable mouthpiece – Avoids jaw fatigue and chafing.

Breathe easy with a snorkel

Proper fit and location – Secures to mask strap so it’s readily available when you need it, yet out of the way when not used.


How to choose a snorkel

A snorkel should fit comfortably in your mouth with the tip at the crown of your head. The vast majority of snorkels will do this easily with adjustment, so your primary selection considerations are mouthpiece comfort and features.


  • Snorkels come in handy on all dives so make a habit of having yours with you even on dives where you think you won’t need it.